Safeguard Cyber Rebrand & Launch

In 2020, Safeguard Cyber came to us looking for a head to to overhaul on their brand. They weren't just looking for a new logo, they were looking for epic change that will get the attention of investors and clients. Above all, they wanted to differentiate themselves within the cyber security landscape.

Rebrand Teaser (SOUND ON)

To wet the appetite, turn your speakers up to see the rebrand launch video that includes brand sound design as part of our cohesive brand ecosystem.

Safeguard wanted to convey excitement, mystique and edge.  They wanted to feel different from the sea of sameness within the cyber security universe.

We knew we had to rebuild their world. This was far more than just a logo update, we needed to create their entire Safeguard Cyber Universe with substance and character.

Building The World

We began early-on by presenting conceptual territories that were born out of a design metaphor that aligns closely with the properties of the Shadow Angel. (see brand character below)

From there, we were able to create everything within the identity reset from logo to spreadsheet, we built a branded world from head to toe and below.

How We Built This

My team uses a scientific/psychological approach to creating brand characters. In this case, we created what we called the “Shadow Angel.” A character that personifies the brand and it's unique traits and becomes the driving force behind the entire brand expression.

We identified a brand narrative that works for the SafeGuard Cyber and identified the Patriarch and the Detective as our brand archetype and breaks down to the Angel and the Shadow.

The Shadow Angel

Angel: An attendant spirit or guardian; Superior to humans in power and intelligence; Dispatched as messengers, intermediaries, protectors, guides.

Shadow: (In digital) The sum of all the data left behind every time we use a digital service; (In psych) The entirety of the unconscious, i.e., everything of which a person is not fully conscious. In short, the shadow is the unknown part of us all.

Thus we have The Shadow Angel: One who exposes the unknown, illuminates the safe path, and guards us on our journeys and interactions.


Creating An Ownable Photographic Style

We realized early on that photography was a substantial opportunity for differentiation in the cybersecurity space. It was our goal to create a style that could be recognized as SafeGuard Cyber whether a logo was present or not. The conceptual approach leaned heavily into the duality of darkness and light – the safe path illuminated by the “Shadow Angel.”

*NOTE - Photography shown above is used for style solidification. Images are not property of Safeguard Cyber

A Visual Tool-Kit

A visual system of assets that reflect the duality of darkness and light. This was the box of tools that informed all of the brand expression.


Brand Expression

The following samples are real-world applications of this identity put into practice. The video shown at the beginning of this case study was a brand teaser that we launched in addition to other content, brand suite assets, presentation templates, brand books, promotional materials, digital products and more.

  • CD - Rob Brooks
  • ACD - Maliah Candace
  • Designer - Andrew Langford
  • Additional Design - Rob Brooks
Teaser Video
  • CD - Rob Brooks
  • Script - Robert Antley
  • Animation - Preston Gibson
  • Designers - Rob Brooks, Colton Major, Andrew Langford
Brand Expression Materials
  • CD - Rob Brooks
  • ACD - Christopher Degaetano
  • Designers - Colton Major, Jason Musengo, Andrew Langford
Brand Expression Video Content
  • Script - Robert Antley
  • CD - Rob Brooks​
  • ACD - Christopher Degaetano​
  • Script - Robert Langford, Joel Kleinberg, Paul glazier