A Big Change

Rumpl is an outdoor blanket brand that has reimagined the blanket category by treating it more like outdoor wear, with advanced technology and the intent to go hard and play hard too.

When I joined as Creative Design Director, I was tasked with positioning and launching a series of product innovations, new product categories, and a brand campaign that ties it all together.

Using organic and paid media, as well as trade shows and retail, I meticulously planned how we would tell these stories. With a ‘roll-up your sleeves’ approach, my small team of two successfully launched Rumpl 2.0.

Massive Projects Require Meticulous Planning

My first step in the process was to craft a matrix that would outline content and connect the dots for a strong roll-out.

Each journey led back to a purchase page with the option for immediate purchase, or opportunities to learn more. 

Tease Phase

Leading up to the launch of Rumpl 2.0, we went all-in, teasing each touch point of the upcoming innovations. This lead in also teed up our brand campaign "We Take Blankets Seriously" which you can view in my other Rumpl case study.

Leading The Horses To Water

Educating consumers on why and how they should make their purchase decisions can be challenging for any new brand, especially in a category that doesn’t have strong awareness. I worked on assigning relevant use-case specific content and guidance through dynamic landing pages and various forms of social communications.

Nanopuff Launch

The following video features two of the touch points that ran after launch, educating our consumers in our process and dedication to sustainability.

Consumer Focused Brand Campaign

For a full case study focusing on this campaign, please visit my other Rumpl project within my portfolio grid.

Thematic Product Launches

There were a number of product collections that leaned heavily into style as priority product stories.

Vantage was by far my favorite of the bunch.