Project Overview

For two years I served as Global Design Director for KEEN footwear. When I was brought on one of my first challenges was to develop a unifying global creative directive to be applied all consumer brand communications. Up to this point the brand had not had an informed unifying direction that works with all existing business units.


The Idea

Keen's largest consumer segment at this time was their "Adventure Travelers." This was the leading consumer focus the led to developing this approach and informed all consumer segments.

The approach was inspired by the human touch, and a collection of stories presented as if it were layered into a traveler’s journal.


Establishing The Rules

A graphic standard was implemented that all design assets and visual accents be true to the content and location in which the adventures took place. With an organic, perfectly imperfect deconstructed grid as a foundation, this visual approach was applied globally, and to each seasonal story and brand communication throughout the year.

Adapting For Specific Business Units

Each of KEEN's business unit's comes with its own unique sets of nuanced needs and applications to which up to this point had been quite disjointed. This approach was customized to meet those needs, service the business units and unite the categories to a common approach under the master KEEN umbrella.


Final Tool-Kits

After some refinement and a merge of design language with some developing global initiatives, we landed on what you see below.

These are samples of real tool kits that were given to all of our global partners, along with a design language, an asset tool-kit, and a guideline to create consistency globally and meet all of their individual needs.